Ornithodoros turicata

Or·ni·thod·o·ros tu·ri·ca·'ta

a species of tick that readily attacks humans and other animals in the southern portion of the U.S. and in Mexico; it is a vector of Borrelia turicatae, an agent of relapsing fever; the bite is painful and irritating.
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The vector, the Ornithodoros turicata tick, is endemic to Texas and Florida (4); but although published cases in Texas have been supported by serology for the TBRF group, exposure location, and tick collections (4,5), to the best of our knowledge, successful identification of B.
Notably, cases in Texas occurred more frequently in winter months and were associated with time spent in caves, which likely represents infection with Borrelia turicatae, another species of TBRF Borrelia transmitted by Ornithodoros turicata ticks (5).
"We have Ornithodoros turicata found throughout Florida, in southern Georgia, along the Gulf Coast, and from Kansas to East Texas," says Endris.
Ornithodoros turicata: the possible vector of relapsing fever in southwestern Kansas.
Relapsing fever: the tick Ornithodoros turicata as a spirochetal reservoir.