Ornithodoros tholozani

Or·ni·thod·o·ros tho·lo·za·'ni

a species of tick that transmits Borrelia persica, an agent of relapsing fever in the Middle East and central Asia.
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In the western, northwestern, and foothill regions of the Alborz Mountains, the Argasid soft tick Ornithodoros tholozani is commonplace and accounts for [approximately equal to] 60% of TBRF cases attributed to Borrelia persica.
In order to investigate Ornithodoros tholozani infection of Borrelia spirochetes, experiments were carried out in 3 different stages.
Ornithodoros tholozani and Ornithodoros lahorensis were collected from stables and huts.
persicus ticks were seen mostly in poultry shelters and Ornithodoros tholozani and O.
persica and transmitted by Ornithodoros tholozani ticks, which live in caves, soil, wall crevices, houses, and cow sheds.
Tick-borne relapsing fever, an infection endemic to many parts of the world, especially Africa and the Mediterranean basin, is mainly attributed to Borrelia persica and transmitted by Ornithodoros tholozani ticks.
In Israel, TBRF is considered to be caused by Borrelia persica and transmitted by the cave tick Ornithodoros tholozani (1).
Tick samples were collected by using C[O.sub.2] traps in caves and were identified as Ornithodoros tholozani (Figure 1) by the Entomology Laboratory (Ministry of Health, Jerusalem).
persica, transmitted by Ornithodoros tholozani is thought to be the cause of TBRF in Israel.