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Early Day Motion

A UK term of art for a formal motion for a Parliamentary debate on a particular subject to be held on an "early day" (i.e. soon). Topics for EDMs range widely—from support of homeopathic hospitals to the introduction of a bill on climate change. There is no guarantee that an EDM will be debated, even when multiple MPs sign the Motion.
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Hamlet's intrusion into Ophelia's chamber and interruption of her sewing, his interruption of her orisons, and Polonius's management of her reading practices all suggest that women's virtue--so often conflated with textualities in the period--is something that is potentially challenged, disrupted, and managed by men.
As with the women in the picture, astonished by Christ's absence and the angels' announcement, and as with Jesus' disciples, perplexed by the opacity of His parables, Kolin's poems require the reader to accept the inevitability of mystery even as we attempt to understand it: Let our orisons not be Circumferenced the same.
There are no saints in Shakespeare's comedies, no one wears hair shirts or spends much time over orisons; pleasure, not piety, is the keynote; but the comic world is Christian enough for the dramatist's purposes, as much so in The Merchant of Venice as anywhere else.
The parish priest mumbling his orisons or playing at checkers.
There is no discussion of the peculiarities of the Orisons region, which dominates the case-studies, and only a single mention of its distinctive language, whose existence must have affected the tourist experience.
MARUSCHAK & RANDY BEAVERS, BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS, HIV IN PRISONS, 200708 2, available at (showing higher HIV rates among incarcerated women than incarcerated men); OFFICE ON DRUGS AND CRIME, UNITED NATIONS, WOMEN AND HIV 1N PRISON SETTINGS 6 (2007), available at orisons.pdf; Catherine A.
And yet when Hamlet ponders "[T]he undiscovered country from whose bourn / No traveler returns," he ultimately requests intercession on his behalf: "Nymph, in thy orisons / Be all my sins remembered" (3.1.80-81, 90-91).
Once we have the feedback, this will be analysed and fed into the budget consultation, with the results publicised." The programme for the council's touring exhibition is: Friday, Orisons, Guisborough, noon to 2pm and Asda, South Bank, 5pm to 7pm.
; then, such a sweetness and such plaintiveness, such inwreathing orisons curled up in that rosy air, that it almost seemed as if far over from the deep green convent valleys of the Manilla isles, the Spanish land-breeze, wantonly turned sailor, had gone to sea, freighted with these vesper hymns