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, organogenic (ōr'gă-nō-jĕ-net'ik, -jen'ik),
Relating to organogenesis.


, organogenic (ōr'gă-nō-jĕ-net'ik, -jen'ik)
Relating to organogenesis.
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However, the organogenic and embryogenic abilities on callus vary according to the nature and/or the concentration of phytohormones used.
The accumulation was followed by a gradual utilization of the reserves for organogenic requirements.
14]C dates from beyond the Haanja marginal belt (see Table 1) are restricted to superficial organogenic deposits (Remmeski, Fig.
Lead, just like other heavy metals, is accumulated in the soil stratum--especially, in upper organogenic horizons and layers.
The organogenic activity at the leaf margins is preserved by two different pathways in seed plants which possibly reflects multiple independent origins of compound leaves.
Determining of permeability to water organogenic and clayey soils, Land Reclamation And Water Economy, No.
Shale" means something akin to clay a so this is gas from clay organogenic rocks.
Major shallow groundwater resources and groundwater runoff are formed in glaciofluvial (fIII), alluvial (aIV), alluvial+intermorainal (a+agIII-II), marine (mIV), aeolian (vIV), glacial base (gIII) and marginal (g III) moraines, glaciolacustrine (lgIII) and organogenic (bIV) deposits (Juodkazis and Mikalauskas 1994).
Slight accumulation of nonsiliceous substances has taken place in the horizons of organogenic origin as well as in the Bw-horizons of the weathering of sand-size alumosilicates (Table 6).