Organ Thief

A person who snatches victims off the streets, forwarding them on to unscrupulous doctors or health professionals who harvest (steal) their organs to extend the lives of the rich and remorseless
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While it may be possible to contain headhunting, and perhaps only barely so, within the analytical category of the fetish--a symbolic representation of 'real injustice'--the organ thief is, to speak with Bruno Latour (2010), a 'factish', an actant intimately entangled with, indeed inextricable from, the 'real' world of technology and political economy.
Starring: Melissa George, Josh Duhamel, Olivia Wilde A group of tourists find themselves at the mercy of an organ thief in this gory horror.
After being kidnapped by an organ thief (Raymond Wong) and saved-in a creepy, neon-lit sequence--by Ling, Chi-ching slowly befriends the other woman, though Ling remains edgy and cold.
When the would-be organ thief woke up, a constant barrage of subliminal messages--"obey the law," "work within the rules," etc.--would bombard him and keep him under control.