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Several designs stand out as being what everyone else is shooting for If actual terminal performance data, based on controlled ordnance gelatin testing, are compared for 9mm, .
62X39MM AMMUNITION PERFORMANCE IN 10% ORDNANCE GELATIN Load Velocity Penetration Largest Retained (fps) (inches) Recovered Weight Diameter (grains) (inches) Wolf 125-grain Soft Point 2,379 16.
Independent tests have measured lateral expansion or sideways stretch in ordnance gelatin blocks and compared the results from full metal jackets, traditional hollowpoints and the ARX.
Performance when fired into 10% ordnance gelatin at 25 yards is quite acceptable.
The expansion material within the tube easily surpasses ordnance gelatin, which tends not to retain cavity dimensions but rather to exaggerate the dimensions by stretching.
Shotguns and Pistol Caliber Weapons Using 10% Ordnance Gelatin as a Tissue Simulant.
Penetration/Expansion (terminal ballistics)--Given reasonable shot angles, for a bullet to pass through the vitals of all North American big-game animals, from pronghorn to moose, it should be capable of penetrating 18 to 20 inches in 10 percent ordnance gelatin.
It's possible the DAP-92 load will penetrate farther in ordnance gelatin than the FNH round, but this remains to be seen.
223 Carbines Compared with 12 gauge Shotguns and Pistol Caliber Weapons Using 10 percent Ordnance Gelatin as a Tissue Simulant.
As an example, during testing in 10 percent ordnance gelatin, Winchester's 230-grain SXT load gave 12.
VC Labs tests bullets using FBI standards with calibrated 10 percent ordnance gelatin.
The CCI-Speer 35-grain Gold Dot is shown in ordnance gelatin, it offers enough penetration for nearly all encounters.
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