ordinal scale

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or·di·nal scale

a scale that is based on classification of persons or things into ordered qualitative categories, such as socioeconomic status.
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At ordinal level, only arrangement is allowed, at the interval one, are additionally allowed addition/subtraction operations and finally, at the last level, that of rapport, all operations are allowed.
Further, ordinal level and ratio level data has to be integrated.
For variables measured at the nominal or ordinal level of measurement, nonparametric techniques must be used.
If all choices are labeled, the scale should only be interpreted at the ordinal level making the average score less meaningful (Jaeger).
A Statistical Model for the Analysis of Ordinal Level Dependent Variables.
Basically, he criticizes the axiomatizations for ruling out information about ordinal level comparisons (who is worse off than whom), and for being insensitive to information about the distribution of utility.
Ipsative scores not only fail to meet the assumptions for classical psychometric analysis, they also constitute an essentially ordinal level of measurement.
At the bi-variable level, a series of cross-tabulations involving categorical and ordinal level risk/protective behaviors and treatment condition were performed.
and William Zavoina, "A Statistical Model for the Analysis of Ordinal Level Dependent Variables." Journal of Mathematical Sociology, December 1975, 103-20.
Definitions of Variables for Measurement Variable Measurement RETURN (Dependent) Ordinal level measure for investment return percentage.