Leon A., Russian physiologist, 1882-1958. See: Orbeli effect.
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Psychiatry will be held in Yerevan at the Orbeli Institute of Physiology on Sept 20-21.
When he met with Russia's leading Kurdologist, Academician Iosif Orbeli, the two read classical Kurdish poetry.
Iuzbashian, Akademik Iosif Abgaravich Orbeli (1887-1961) (Moscow: Nauka, 1986), 35-36.
Orbeli had written about Khani and his place in the cultural life of the Orient.
The Marquis Sergei Dreiden Catherine the Great Maria Kuznetsova Spy Leonid Mozgovoy Orbeli David Giorgobiani Boris Piotrovsky Alexander Chaban Peter the Great Maxim Sergeyev No one familiar with the severe, intellectual films of helmer Alexander Sokurov can imagine the dazzling opulence that explodes in "Russian Ark," a dreamlike journey through Russian and European culture over the last three centuries that will win this difficult director festival kudos and larger audiences.
Orbeli gave him a small bottle of eau de cologne (100 per cent proof) with which to wash it down and allowed him a ration of furniture glue which the Hermitage staff had learned to serve up as jelly - the large stock of glue laid in by the restorers just before the war was one of the principal reasons why any of the Hermitage staff survived.'
Orbeli (1989), wrote in 1955 that Pavlov told him in 1920 that Enchmen "was my best friend from the year 1913" and that Pavlov praised Enchmen on several occasions.
In 1928, with the assistance of Armenian author Orbeli, the Latin alphabet replaced the Armenian alphabet in writing in Kurdish.