Biohazard Suit

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A positive-pressurised, self-contained suit with a battery-powered air supply used in fieldwork with extreme biohazards—Biosafety Level 4 organisms.
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After that I became far more aware of our neighbour across the street and noted that whenever I saw him about town it was almost always with his good friend and partner, the man in the second orange suit, Milton.
He goes on: 'The purple one goes best with my blue suit, blue shirt and mauve Moschino tie, but difficult as a bloke to match the lime green badge and I can't buy an orange suit anywhere!'
The president, who wore a light orange suit, was drenched in sweat, which flowed freely down her face, prompting some residents to offer to fan her.
[TEI Executive Director] Mike Murphy, because of our friendship, and out of respect for [Deputy IRS Commissioner] Mike Dolan, I added this scarf with green in it to my orange suit.
'Zero', a love story centred around a cheeky dwarf Bauua Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a small-towner from Meerut who ends up on a US mission to Mars in an orange suit to win over his lady love, will leave you spaced out with its ludicrous twists and turns.
Rahman was clad in a bright orange suit, while the three women dazzled the audience with their glittering golden gowns that were reminiscent of disco balls and big hair, maintaining the classic image of the iconic 1970s band.
I pictured him in his orange suit and I was certain he would have been killed."
Wilzig, clad in an orange suit and matching cape emblazoned with a peace sign, presented the 45-year-old prince with a game-show sized check for 5,000 dollars that was made out to the royal's charity, the Laksyha Trust, which raises awareness about gay rights and HIV/AIDS prevention for homosexual men.
His orange suit against a snowy background has echoes of both A Clockwork Orange and next week's new Joe Wright film, Hanna.