Orange Foods

Foods (e.g., oranges, cantalope, mangoes) which are said—by the proponents of the pseudoscience of colour therapy—to release energy to the body and promote a sense of well-being
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Red and orange foods such as carrots and tomatoes contain the antioxidant compound, lycopene,which, according to the University of Pennsylvania, can make a difference to sleep.
Orange foods have beta carotene, which improves immunity and oral health.
Even better, all orange foods are also packed with vitamin C, another antioxidant which boosts the immune system, and also protects against cardiovascular disease.
EAT ORANGE FOODS According to colour therapists, orange is a colour that helps lift our mood, makes us cheerful and boosts energy levels.
Fortunately, most orange foods are low in calories and fat - think oranges, satsumas, carrots, swede, butternut squash, sweet potato, baked beans, orange peppers, mangoes, canteloupe melon and apricots.
Spicy red and orange foods and a treat of squidgy monster marshmallows all help to set the mood and a steaming cup of fiery orange soup from the cauldron will warm little witch and wizard fingers when they come in from the cold.
VP: Orange foods, such as carrots, peppers and oranges, are rich in carotenoids - nature's antioxidant and food colourant.
Try orange curtains in the bedroom and eating orange foods like carrots, oranges and apricots.
It means orange foods help to protect the body against cancers and heart disease while maintaining good eye health, hence the reason why children are told that eating carrots will help them see in the dark.
Yellow and orange foods to consider are carrots, corn, mangoes, papayas, peaches, pineapple, pumpkin, yellow peppers and sweet potatoes.