Orange Crystal

A regional term for PCP
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Berinstein's second novel in the Amanda Lester, Detective series, Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis, will be available in September, 2015.
a Shine a bright light with 'shadelier-style' r Charleigh Pendant Orange lampshade with hanging orange crystal drops, PS49, Pagazzi (0844 257 1908/8w/w w.paga aza
Almost liquid, shimmering orange crystals spread over the deepest chocolate field while shifting patinas of purple settle around rims and edges.
The solid thus separated was filtered and crystallized from THF to give deep orange crystals. Yield 66%, m.p.
On some of these specimens, quartz crystals to 2.5 cm show inclusions of hematite; on others the quartz crystals have hematite coatings and inclusions on selected faces, making for very attractive, reddish orange crystals. Mike's single specimen of prehnite from the Roncari quarry is an extracted pocket about 20 cm in diameter sporting lime-green fingers and aggregates of prehnite with associated quartz and calcite: a very nice specimen.
Orange crystals permanently dissolve in increments of 10% RH, readable to an accuracy of [+ or -] 5% RH.
Flat, thin, orange crystals formed when he filtered and cooled the solution.
It was obtained as orange crystals from ethanol; Yield: 88 %; m.p.: 176178 oC; IR (KBr cm-1): 3450 (NH) 3010 (CH aromatic) 1660 (C=O); 1H NMR (DMSO-d6) 13.83 (s 1H NH) 8.02-7.03 (m 15H aromatic protons); MS (m/z): 340 (M+) 77 (base peak); Anal.
The Gobins' thumbnail-size wulfenite specimens are straightforward groups of crystals, either loose or on matrix, with individuals seldom more than I cm on edge: some, with lustrous orange crystals, evoke the Rowley mine, while others, with red-orange crystals, seem castaways from the Red Cloud.
Some specimens show very bright orange ("wet") botryoidal growths of arsenic-rich pyromorphite; others are a brilliant yellow-green, with parallel aggregates of arched, curving crystals; still others have large orange crystals resting on yellow-green druses.
Here for instance were 25-cm clusters of transparent golden barite crystals from the Vignola mine; large cabinet-size specimens of the famous red heulandite on black carbonaceous shale, from Val di Fassa; and, from the same rich valley, surprising specimens on which sharp, bright, pinkish orange crystals of anorthite to 1.5 cm are strewn over matrix.
The transparent orange crystals superficially resemble the "hessonite" of the Jeffrey mine in Quebec, and reach 5 mm in size.