Orange Barrels

A regional term for LSD
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While there is no evidence that Agent Orange barrels were disposed of at Base Gagetown, the standard practice of the time was to dispose of chemical waste, including herbicides, by burying them in barrels.
Deep down I know it will be, yet when I'm stopped in painfully slow traffic, it's hard to believe the interstate will ever be free of orange barrels and single lanes.
"With the summer travel season starting this weekend, our message to every motorist is this: when you see construction signs and orange barrels, take your foot off the gas, get off the phone and keep your eyes on .
"He found some orange barrels and took the label off one to a doctor at the Nicosia general hospital, who told him they were carcinogens."
A worker on a Salem area highway paving project was killed last week after a motorist drove through the orange barrels cordoning off the road.
We've seen the orange barrels. But voters approved only interstate rehabilitation, and the continued construction of four-lane connectors.
orange barrels, purple hearts, clearlights, ceramic squares,
12:17 a.m.: Allen Street, orange barrels in the middle of the road.
The challenge, of course, is helping the neighborhoods and business communities impacted by CSO construction, understand that the equipment and orange barrels out-side their homes and storefronts have little to do with road improvements and everything to do with what's going on below the surface.
Motorists in Findlay will have more orange barrels to navigate starting today.
The store is at the edge of the reconstructed Washington Square, and a big pile of dirt and orange barrels have made access to the store sometimes difficult.
Obstacles, such as orange barrels. `(May 8) Still in camp waiting to cross.