ENT A toluidine blue mouthrinse for detecting oral cancer, specifically SCC which accounts for 95% of oral CA. See Oral cancer, Toluidin blue.
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The decrease in R&D is due to the curtailment of the OraTest regulatory program.
has strengthened its biotechnology business, reported on OraTest funding, added key personnel and expanded on several other objectives.
The OraTest oral cancer detection system from Zila, Inc.
These patents are connected with Zila's oral cancer detection product, OraTest.
Those costs have accelerated sharply over the last year, as we are launching new products at Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals and advancing our OraTest regulatory effort.
They will take a new mouth rinse check called OraTest which will dye invisible lesions blue.
Nasdaq:ZILA), has reported strong revenue growth for the first quarter of its 2003 fiscal year, while restructuring costs and strategic investments in marketing, product development, the OraTest clinical trial and the launch of ViziLite led to a larger net loss, compared with the prior-year period.
During the third quarter of fiscal 2002, the company invested $1,018,000 in the OraTest(R)/Zila(R) Tolonium Chloride program, which encompasses the OraTest oral cancer detection product Phase III clinical trial, other OraTest research, and the broad Zila Tolonium Chloride research, development and manufacturing effort.