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Vox populi Choice; alternative. See Point-of-care option, Quick-fix option, Triple option.

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Q. What Are the Surgical Options for Treating Obesity? I would like to find out more about the surgery that is performed on obese people for weight reduction. What surgical options are available?

A. The main two surgical approaches for obesity treatment are gastric banding and gastric bypass. Band surgery is reversible, while bowel shortening operations (bypass) are not. Here is more information about being a candidte for surgery- http://www.5min.com/Video/Weight-Loss-Surgery-To-Be-a-Surgical-Candidate-5007

Q. Snacks for kids – is there a healthy option? My 8 years-old son eats snacks every day, and although he’s not fat by any means, I still want to give him good eating habits. Do you have any idea for healthy snacks? Is there any chance he’ll give up his chocolate and coke for fruits???

A. fruit or peanut butter and jelly,peanut butter provides protein,jelly is a fruit.

Q. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness? hello all……….I have a problem…. I live in countryside and without proper roads to run on so I have to run on a dirt mix gravel road and now during winter we get a lot of snow. Both the condition makes my jogging very difficult and my legs pain lot. Anyone know what my best option would be to maintain my fitness?

A. I have a solution a very simple one. First have a good shoe for your summer to run on those dirty and gravel roads. During winter days if you run on snow it itself will make you endurance good and if you feel with some difficulty then try some time on a treadmill and get heated up and then run on the snow. Try this……….. All the best.

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EU regulated trading platform Daweda Exchange has launched an online marketplace where retail clients can buy and sell binary options contracts directly from each other, the company said.
Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) has announced the re-listing of its Indian Rupee Options contract.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, or DGCX, started trading on its newly launched Indian Rupee Options Contract on Monday to become the only exchange outside India to offer trading in both futures and options in the Indian currency.
Dubai The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) announced yesterday that it will launch Indian rupees options contract in September this year extending its rupee derivative offerings.
CME Group, a derivatives marketplace, has introduced short-term options contracts for Gold, Crude Oil and Natural Gas, to start trading on July 16, 2011.
pit--the actual place where open outcry occurs and the futures and options contracts trade at the exchange.
Imarex, the International Maritime Exchange ASA, said on Wednesday (8 March) that it would shortly open for trading in the world's first cleared dry bulk freight options contract.
In related news, Standard & Poor's and the New York Board of Trade will introduce the S&P Commodity Index (SPCI) and the Fall 2001 launch of futures and options contracts based on the index.
According to the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), trading volume reached a record 406 million options contracts last year, compared with 210 million contracts in 1990.
DERIVATIVES DERIVE THEIR value from underlying financial instruments and include futures, forward, swap and options contracts.
Encouraging producers to use hedging instruments like options contracts is one such alternative.