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n a computer program that translates a high-level language program into a corresponding machine instruction. The program that results from compiling is a translated and expanded version of the original program.
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The INTEGRITY RTOS, together with Green Hills' optimizing compilers and MULTI IDE, make it easy for Rose RealTime users to debug and optimize their applications for deployment on high-availability target systems running the INTEGRITY RTOS.
DDC-I is also available to create custom versions of its optimizing compilers and tools for specific applications.
SCORE provides optimizing compilers for Ada, C, Embedded C ++, and Fortran77, all of which pass the applicable ACATS, PlumHall, Perennial, and FCVS compiler validation suites.
Our automotive customers especially appreciate industry-leading capabilities, such as Nexus debug support with full trace and highly optimizing compilers that produce fast, tight code, maximizing the value of our MPC55xx and MAC7xxx families of automotive processors.