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The tendency to look on the bright side of everything, to believe that there is good in everything.
[L. optimus, best]


1. The philosophical doctrine that this world is the best possible one.
2. The personal characteristic of regarding only the bright side of a condition or event and of expecting a favorable result.
See: pessimism


n attitude cultivated by an individual in which he or she believes in the positive resolution of a stressful event. In particular, persons with this mindset will use focused, externalized, and nonpersisting terms to describe his or her specific situation. Studies have shown that patients who are diagnosed with a chronic disease and adopt an optimistic attitude have improved health status.
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Other competitors included past Optimist National Champions who had sailed in the Olympics and the recent America's Cup in Bermuda.
A strong sense of competition among the UnderA[degrees]12s in the Optimist class proved to be one of the most eyeA[degrees]catching features of the week with 11 year old Ablaj al Dughaishi emerging as 'one to watch' from a group of seven spirA[degrees] ited young prospects.
A strong sense of competition among the Under 12s in the Optimist class proved to be one of the most eye-catching features of the week with 11-year old Ablaj Ali al -Dughaishi emerging as 'one to watch' from a group of seven spirited young prospects.
Charles Robinson, club president and a deacon at Mount Hebron Baptist Church, the club's headquarters, first learned about the curriculum when the president of another area optimist club referenced SUCCESS for Teens during a presentation about the dropout rate crisis at the South Carolina Optimist District Conference.
Chou says realistic optimists use their realism to perform well at work and in exams, while their outlook enables them to deflect depression and to spot opportunities and take advantage.
Marilyn McCulloch, Secretary, Paris Optimist Club, outlined several issues that had occurred at the Paris Optimist Skateboard Park over the preceding months, including incidents where she was verbally assaulted by a group of individuals at the park, and the use of drugs and alcohol on the grounds of the park.
She also notes that pessimists tended to have a higher stress baseline than optimists, but also had trouble regulating their system when they go through particularly stressful situations.
Be an optimist and enjoy a simply fabulous 2013 at work and at home.
The event was funded by the International Optimist Class Association with the aim of setting up a North East Optimist Development Squad and proved a huge success.
Optimists are more willing to disengage from unrealistic courses of action, and reengage in more practical ones; they are more willing to adapt, and this seems to be part of the reason for their success.
What optimists are good at is "positive coping", the authors say.
Optimists have higher search yields and receive job offers more quickly.

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