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(ro-ta'shon) [L. rotatio, a turning]
The process of turning on an axis.

external rotation

Restitution (3). See: Cardinal Movements at Birth - step 7

fetal rotation

Twisting of the fetal head as it follows the curves of the birth canal downward.

injection site rotation

Administration of parenteral medications such as insulin into a different part of the body each day to avoid local tissue trauma, atrophy, or lipodystrophies.

Patient care

Subcutaneous injections of insulin are typically rotated around the abdomen from the right upper quadrant, to the midepigastrium, left upper quadrant, left lower quadrant, hypogastrium, and right lower quadrant before returning to the right upper quadrant. A similar technique is used with low-molecular-weight heparins, colony-stimulating factors, and other drugs.

optical rotation

See: optical activity

tooth rotation

The repositioning of a tooth by turning it on its long axis to a more normal occlusal position.
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The obtained data from the polymerization reactions of dianhydride monomer with new optically active diamines 6 (a-d) are listed in Table 1.
"This approach can be used to build periodic lattices from optically active particles, such as gold, silver and any other material that can be modified with DNA, with extraordinary nanoscale precision," said Mirkin, director of Northwestern's International Institute for Nanotechnology.
This experiment is the first asymmetric synthesis of a stable one-handed helical polymer from an optically inactive achiral monomer, and provided clear evidence for the existence of an optically active vinyl polymer with the chirality due only to its helicity.
(1986) Total Synthesis of optically active myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate.
Osmium-catalyzed asymmetric dihydroxylation of olefins is an attractive method for the synthesis of optically active diols [11-14].
Led by Alon Gorodetsky, an assistant professor of chemical engineering and materials science, the team produced reflectin - a structural protein essential in the squid's ability to change color and reflect light - in common bacteria and used it to make thin, optically active films that mimic the skin of a squid.
The chiral compound is optically active 1-phenylethanol or 1-phenylethylamine.
Thus, new methods for obtaining optically active sulfoxides are required for the synthesis of enantiomerically enriched compounds.
The increment of the number of Si-NCs optically active can be obtained considering that at high excitation luence, that is, near the saturated pump-power regime, the PL intensity only depends on the PL quantum efficiency and the total number of Si-NCs optically active.
A combined enzymatic resolution and chemical polymerization strategy has been used to create optically active polymeric prodrugs.
Polymer-immobilized chiral catalysts and reagents have received considerable attention in regard to the organic synthesis of optically active compounds.

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