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NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF) announced today the addition of WDM-Aware testing capabilities to its FTB-5240S/B-P Optical Spectrum Analyzers, together with additional industry-leading features such as referencing, on-graph peak detection level and SCPI commands.
While all Acterna OSA optical spectrum analyzers offer high-performance optical measurements over the full wavelength range between 1250nm and 1650nm at high test speed, the OSA-300/301 modules deliver new advantages.
The contract is for the purchase with the delivery of a set of optical spectrum analyzers in the framework of the project "development of the faculty of electronics, warsaw university of technology and the creation of a network of laboratories teaching", under the conditions set out in the detailed description of the contract (sopz), attached as annex 2 to the tor
Other key portable FOTE products include power meters, light sources, inspection probes, OTDRs, dispersion analyzers and optical spectrum analyzers (OSA).
To learn more about EXFO's FTB-5240S-P/BP Optical Spectrum Analyzers with OSNRe capability, please watch the new product video and visit our FTB-5240S-P/BP product page.
Key portable FOTE products also include power meters, light sources, inspection probes, OTDRs, dispersion analyzers and optical spectrum analyzers (OSA).
Currently, optical test equipment, such as optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), optical light sources (OLSs), optical power meters (OPMs), and optical spectrum analyzers (OSAs), are used in combination to qualify components and identify and measure failures in optical networks such as bad splices, bends, crimps, and other reflective and non-reflective events.
Digital Lightwave's OWM is a highly sophisticated DWDM analysis system that provides more functionality and reliability than traditional optical spectrum analyzers at a significantly lower cost.
EXFO was deemed the market leader for a number of test solutions in the I&M segment including optical loss test sets, chromatic dispersion (CD) analyzers, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) analyzers, handheld optical spectrum analyzers (OSA), handheld light sources and held strong market positions with its handheld power meters and optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs).
Electro Rent already offers Anritsu's signal generators, power meters, spectrum analyzers, optical spectrum analyzers, BER Testers, STM/SONET analyzers and Site Master(TM) cable and antenna analyzers.
EXFO offers a very rich product portfolio - namely comprising optical spectrum analyzers, OTN and Ethernet BER analyzers, distributed PMD analyzers and chromatic dispersion analyzers - for all system vendors and network operators that are deeply engaged in the design and deployment of very-high-speed networking.

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