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(ro-ta'shon) [L. rotatio, a turning]
The process of turning on an axis.

external rotation

Restitution (3). See: Cardinal Movements at Birth - step 7

fetal rotation

Twisting of the fetal head as it follows the curves of the birth canal downward.

injection site rotation

Administration of parenteral medications such as insulin into a different part of the body each day to avoid local tissue trauma, atrophy, or lipodystrophies.

Patient care

Subcutaneous injections of insulin are typically rotated around the abdomen from the right upper quadrant, to the midepigastrium, left upper quadrant, left lower quadrant, hypogastrium, and right lower quadrant before returning to the right upper quadrant. A similar technique is used with low-molecular-weight heparins, colony-stimulating factors, and other drugs.

optical rotation

See: optical activity

tooth rotation

The repositioning of a tooth by turning it on its long axis to a more normal occlusal position.

optical rotation (pˑ·t·kl rō·tāˑ·shn),

n the angle by which plane-polarized light rotates when it passes through a substance that exhibits optical activity. This is a distinguishable quality of a particular compound. See also optical activity.
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Those readers who would like a free copy of the refractometric procedure used by USP (Sigma-Tau authored the monograph for USP) for the determination of optical purity (specific rotation) may obtain one by contacting the author at the address below.
But in place of optical purity or the celebratory identification of polished, streamlined object with the sublimated techno-gleam of the glossy photograph, the smooth, silvered paper of Wols's kitchen photographs is imbricated in the glistening of viscera, the scintillations of stains and scratches, and the viscous luster of fetid fluids.
PLA is drawing more and more attention in the world as plastic pollution is becoming increasingly serious, which is generated by the fermentation of starch and saccharides available from corn or directly synthesized from lactic acid of high optical purity.
The lower the racemization degree, the higher is the optical purity (OP), which is consistent with the results of the OP (listed in Table 1).
Additionally, due to the growing complexity of potential drugs and demand for optical purity, the industry is likely to increasingly adopt biocatalysts or enzymes.
Differentiated by its market leading optical purity and low noise figure, PowerSweep 2000(TM) is ideally suited for externally modulated transmission from ultra long haul to metro network scenarios.
The resin obtained is of a very high optical purity and is used in such industries as automotive, communication systems (CD, DVD) and information technology.

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