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A device in a spectrophotometer that responds to photons in a manner usually proportional to the number of photons striking its light-sensitive surface.
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The optical detectors were coupled onto a slit-die fitted at the exit of a modular intermeshing corotating twin-screw extruder Werner-Pfleiderer ZSK30 with screw-diameter D = 30.70 mm and LID = 35.
The responsivity of two optical detectors was determined by the method of direct substitution in four different NIST measurement facilities.
Students will review hardware devices used in a fiber optics system, including different types of cables, optical detectors and switches, transmitters and receivers, multiplexers, and couplers.
ESA's HPLC products include optical detectors, electrochemical cells, software, accessories and columns.
The book explains information measurement, signals, digital coding, modulation, optical transmission along fibers, optical detectors, demodulation, system design, networking and nonlinear optics.
POC's diffusers and related HOEs are now incorporated in automotive panel displays, rear projection displays, high resolution LCD screens, medical instruments, calibration equipment, robotic vision systems, LED based displays, optical detectors, inspection lamps, and signage.
Areas such as eastern Europe, including Russia, have focused most of their optoelectronic research on crystal growth, optical detectors and the production of lasers.
Optical detectors are then used to interpret the information.
Developed to sort dark-colored particles from white rice at rates from 265 to 20,000 lb/hr, the system cascades a stream of particles in front of a halogen lamp and pair of optical detectors. An air jet directs dark-colored particles into one bin, and white particles into another.