optic pit

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op·tic pit

a congenital anomaly characterized by a focal depression of the temporal optic nerve head.
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optic pit

A small indentation of the optic nerve head. It may sometimes release fluid below the retina, which can cause central retinal detachment.
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pit, optic 

A depression on each side of the end of the neural ectoderm (or neural tube) of the embryo. The pit deepens to form the optic vesicle. Syn. optic sulcus.
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Mustafa Iqbal delivered lecture on Retina (Optic Disc Pit) during the three days conference concluded the other day.
Optic disc pit (ODP) and morning glory disc disorders are congenital cavitary anomalies of the optic disc, which are associated with dysraphism of the optic fissure.
Finally, we have included a letter to the editor written in response to a previously published article entitled "Spontaneous Resolution of Optic Disc Pit Maculopathy", as well as a response from the authors of that study (see pages 184-185).
Patients with known history of corneal diseases, trauma, ocular surgery, history of laser surgery (Corneal, Retinal), hereditary causes of RNFL thinning like high myopia, cataract obscuring view of fundus, retinal diseases like diabetes and hypertension, optic disc anomalies like optic disc drusen, papilledema and optic disc pit were excluded.
Compared to the control group, prominent retinal whitening and edema were observed in the edema group on day 1, with obvious retinal vasoconstriction and the disappearance of the optic disc pit, followed by venous dilatation and tortuosity on days 2 and 4.
His initial ophthalmologic examination revealed optic disc pit in both eyes and serous macular detachment in the right eye (Fig.
I read with interest the article reporting spontaneous resolution of optic disc pit maculopathy in a boy.
* Optic disc pit and non-resolving CSCR — What's Possible?: Dr Anirudh Maiti
Koushik Tripathy for his interest and constructive comments regarding our case report entitled "Spontaneous Regression of Optic Disc Pit Maculopathy in a Six-Year-Old Child'' published in Turk J Ophthalmol.
a Papilloedema b Choroiditis c Papillitis d Optic disc pit 02 Considering the history and fundus photograph shown in Image A, what are you most likely to see when examining the other eye?