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nursing Acts of subjugation or coercion related to decisions about health care.
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13 ( ANI ): Activists from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) on Tuesday paid tributes to Asma Jahangir, Pakistan Human Rights Commission co-founder and an advocate who fought for the rights of oppressed people in the South Asian nation.
The speakers said that throughout her life the deceased had struggled for the supremacy of the Constitution, rules of law and for the oppressed people.
Later, they took out a rally and urged the world community to use its complete influence to globally pressurize India for halting the human rights violations, custodial killings and genocide of the oppressed people in Kashmir .
A photographic exhibition depicting the untold miseries of the oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir was also on display at the venue of the conference.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Thakur expressed solidarity with the oppressed people of the held state.
By stopping support to terrorist monsters or countries, he needs to stand by the oppressed people and work together with other major powers including China, Russia and Europe while accepting a multi-polar world to make this planet peaceful and prosperous.
We've always done politics for oppressed people, the people of Palestine have been oppressed by Israelis,' said Asfandyari.
Speaking on behalf the Islamic Iran's Armed Forces and wise people, we tell the corrupt and wicked US government that we will continue the path of uninterrupted development and enhancement of the country's defense power to confront the corrupt US regime with more motivation and more determination than the past and will not spare any efforts to defend the oppressed people in any parts of the world's geography, even in the US, specially the oppressed people in West Asia region," Jazzayeri said on Saturday.
He said that the OIC has failed to protect the rights of Muslims especially the oppressed people of Palestine.
According to Kashmir Media Service, the purpose of the exhibition is to express solidarity with the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir.
The Islamic Republic of Iran shall keep beside oppressed people in the world, on top of whom the Palestinian people," he added.
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