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Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the oppressed people of Occupied Kashmir consider the Sikh community as their strength.
It must be noted that the whole nation observed Kashmir Hour today (Friday) to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
On this occasion, Sardar Jaskaran Singh and other speakers urged the world to use its influence to globally pressurize India to stop Indian state-terrorism in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir besides ensuring the early peaceful solution to the burning Kashmir Dispute as per the aspirations of the oppressed people of the Held Valley.
"Our world would be a better place, if like Sushma Swaraj people fought for justice to oppressed people irrespective of national boundaries.
She said Palijo was a great philosopher, intellectual and writer who always struggled for the oppressed people of Sindh.
As the Venezuela people face, hyper inflation, starvation and political killings, with 3 million having fled the country, Mr Corbyn, our very own Poundland Lenin, cannot bring himself to speak up for the starving oppressed people of Venezuela, for those that have been beaten, imprisoned and murdered by his friend and political ally Nicolas Maduro.
While national liberation movements are usually viewed in a favorable light, that of perhaps the most oppressed people this planet has ever known- Zionism--is increasingly regarded as illegitimate.
She was a champion of human rights and fought for the rights of women, children and oppressed people.
The chief justice condoled Asma Jehangir's death saying her services for the oppressed people and rule of law would be remembered for long time.
Embassy of Pakistan holds Kashmir Day seminar in Ankara Hundreds of Turks, representing various segments of society, attended 'Kashmir Solidarity Day Seminar' and expressed strong solidarity with the oppressed people of the Indian Held Kashmir and reaffirmed unflinching support for their democratic right to self-determination.The seminar was held under joint collaboration of Economic and Social Researches Centre (ESAM) and the Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara on Monday evening to commemorate the Kashmir Day, said a press release issued from the Embassy of Pakistan.
A large number of people also made a chain of hands on the appeal of Jamaat-e-Islam to show solidarity with the oppressed people of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir at Allama Iqbal Chowk of Sialkot.
'We've always done politics for oppressed people, the people of Palestine have been oppressed by Israelis,' said Asfandyari.