opportunistic infections

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opportunistic infections,

n.pl the secondary infections that occur in patients whose immune systems are compromised, such as in AIDS or after chemotherapy.
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Opportunistic infections are signs of a declining immune system.
Strict compliance to guidelines, instructions and "doctor's orders" are mandatory if opportunistic infections are to be avoided.
In summary, although an indigenous case of histoplasmosis had never been encountered, it should be 1 of the differential diagnoses of opportunistic infections in immunocompromised patients in Taiwan.
However, in more dramatic instances patients are beginning to fall prey to opportunistic infections.
The NIAID HIV/AIDS Research Agenda and fact sheets on NIAID HIV/AIDS vaccine research, clinical trials for AIDS therapies and vaccines, and on AIDS-related opportunistic infections are available from the NIAID Office of Communications.
Patients who had active opportunistic infections were treated and put on Anti-Retroviral Therapy as per protocol.
Case records at the ART Centre were reviewed to obtain data for documented opportunistic infections in the subject around the interview date.
However, larger studies indicated that this strategy was actually potentially harmful, as people taking an STI were more likely to experience an opportunistic infection and disease progression compared to those continuing on a HAART regimen.
25 at the 12th Conference of Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections.

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