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Oppenheimer syndrome - limitation of spinal motion. Synonym(s): physiologic vertebral ligamentous calcification
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We are excited to work with Oppenheimer as the Firm implements and continues to expand OpcoCentral, said SAP SuccessFactors Senior Account Executive Chris Ricciardi.
Oppenheimer "executed sales of billions of shares of penny stocks for a supposed proprietary account in Gibraltar's name while knowing or being reckless in not knowing that Gibraltar was actually executing transactions and providing brokerage services for its underlying customers, including many in the U.
It's hard to see a principle here -- except that some of the testimony was sympathetic to Oppenheimer, some of it very sympathetic.
This Oppenheimer wing wanted to test the capacity of the Soviet Union and the United States.
The location, amenities, views, and management, are all extremely hard to replicate, which made a renewal the most practical and efficient alternative for Oppenheimer," said Konsker, also a vice chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle.
When Oppenheimer speaks of sin, what do you think he means?
If some of these contradictions were a reflection of the wider society, then Oppenheimer was also a complex, troubled, man who never did things conventionally.
With the addition of "Besler's Fifty Best," Oppenheimer Editions now offers the major works from some of the most important natural history artists on the market today.
As part of Friday's program, Oppenheimer will also screen the unfinished opening credits featuring stick figures of Lucy and Desi as well as some never-before-seen color footage of the ``I Love Lucy'' set and cast that was secretly taken by an audience member.
Authorities believed the exemption would have a favorable affect, "but the measure was not welcomed by scrap companies," Oppenheimer said.
Robert Oppenheimer (1904-67), once told Jeremy Bernstein that Oppenheimer "lived a charade.