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Oppenheimer syndrome - limitation of spinal motion. Synonym(s): physiologic vertebral ligamentous calcification
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It's hard to see a principle here -- except that some of the testimony was sympathetic to Oppenheimer, some of it very sympathetic.
This Oppenheimer wing wanted to test the capacity of the Soviet Union and the United States.
Finally, Oppenheimer International Bond Fund was among the winners of the 2005 Lipper Awards Hong Kong.
Oppenheimer frequently juxtaposes the marketing slogans--improved learning
The polymath Freeman Dyson, who came to know Oppenheimer well in later life, once wrote: "When someone says something that he doesn't know or disagrees with he breaks in before they have fully explained their point.
Robert Oppenheimer is an agent of the Soviet Union.
Catherine Oppenheimer, a former, dancer with the New York City Ballet and Twyla Tharp Dance Company, co-founded the New Mexico chapter of NDI with d'Amboise in 1994, following a series of work, shops in Santa Fe led by d'Amboise and his New York faculty.
Some of his non-nuclear activities were hardly more appealing, most infamously his betrayal, through damning testimony, of his colleague and friend Robert Oppenheimer when the witch-hunters went after him in 1954--an act for which many old friends and colleagues never forgave him.
Peter moves to Oppenheimer from BNP Paribas, where he served as head of its U.
Prior to joining Oppenheimer, she headed the Americas Sovereign Risk function for the Country Risk team at J.