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Oppenheimer syndrome - limitation of spinal motion. Synonym(s): physiologic vertebral ligamentous calcification
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Oppenheimer was a man obsessed with reading and quotations.
Robert Lowenthal, head of US investment banking at Oppenheimer and Co Inc, commented: "As our clients' interests have increasingly shifted to Europe with cross-border transactions, we continue to add bankers in Europe to supplement our US capabilities.
The four main voices of this book are the judge-inquisitor Philipp Friedrich Jager, who was responsible for writing Oppenheimer's verdict; the convert Christoph David Bernard, who was sent to Oppenheimer's prison cell hoping to turn Jew Suss into a Christian; the Jewish notable Mordechai Schloss, who published his own account of Oppenheimer's life after visiting him a few days before his execution; and David Fassmann, Oppenheimer's first biographer, who in 1738 includes an imagined self-reflection of the dead Oppenheimer.
Renowned for his two Academy Award-nominated documentaries, The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence, which explore the brutal legacy of the Indonesian genocide of 1965-66 through a series of interviews with members of the paramilitary organisation Pemuda Pancasila, Oppenheimer discussed how he was first drawn to Indonesia to conduct a filmmaking workshop with members of the plantation union.
In addition, the two commissioners said Oppenheimer "has a failed compliance culture, from top to bottom," and "prior enforcement actions have also required the firm to retain consultants and to prepare reports on its remediation efforts.
Mr Oppenheimer was born in Berlin in 1931, where he lived until he and his family moved to Holland in 1936.
"You're a child," says Oppenheimer swiftly, " ...the bomb must be used - and used on people...
Oppenheimer "executed sales of billions of shares of penny stocks for a supposed proprietary account in Gibraltar's name while knowing or being reckless in not knowing that Gibraltar was actually executing transactions and providing brokerage services for its underlying customers, including many in the U.S."
It says a great deal about the period but also about the complex background from where Oppenheimer came from - a man with great political passions as well as scientific ones and how he inevitably was forced to abandon one for the sake of the other.
Oppenheimer led the US-British Manhattan Project to make the first atomic weapon during the Second World War.