Oppenheim, Hermann

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Oppenheim, Hermann

Ger. neurologist, 1858–1919.

Oppenheim's disease

Myotonia congenita.

Oppenheim's gait

A manner of walking in which there is a wide swinging motion of the head, body, and extremities. It is a variation of the gait seen in multiple sclerosis.
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Hermann, German neurologist, 1858-1919.
Minor-Oppenheim syndrome - Synonym(s): Minor syndrome
Oppenheim brace
Oppenheim congenital hypotonia
Oppenheim disease - Synonym(s): Oppenheim syndrome
Oppenheim gait
Oppenheim reflex - extension of the toes induced by scratching of the inner side of the leg, a sign of cerebral irritation.
Oppenheim sign - suggests pyramidal tract disease.
Oppenheim splint
Oppenheim spring wire splint
Oppenheim stroke test
Oppenheim syndrome - congenital atonic pseudoparalysis, observed especially in infants. Synonym(s): amyotonia congenita; Oppenheim disease
Ziehen-Oppenheim disease - see under Ziehen
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