John M., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, Opitz BBB syndrome, Opitz G syndrome.
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And as a consequence, Jorg Fischer (26) and his two friends Frank Keppler (32) and David Opitz (28) are also now Huddersfield Town followers, making the short trip across to Austria for this week's pre-season training camp.
Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Dubai has appointed Steffen Opitz as hotel manager.
Architecture was a natural career choice for Jonathan Opitz.
To help ensure both a good fit with the acquirer and more growth potential in their business, more advisers nearing retirement these days are opting to do a multi-year merger rather than a one-time acquisition, says Greg Opitz, executive business coach at Peak Advisor Alliance, an adviser coaching and consulting company in Omaha, Nebraska.
Bob Opitz, senior vice president, Inland Marine manager for North America Commercial Insurance at Chubb, says that water damage is currently a frequent cause of loss in Builder's Risk.
Thanks to Baird, Opitz, Freeland, McCain, Graham, and Adelson's constant agitation against Russia, Russia has moved closer to China.
Heidenau's mayor, Juergen Opitz, had called on Merkel on Monday to
Mayor Juergen Opitz, a member of Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), described the protesters as an "unholy alliance" of far-right elements from Heidenau and "Nazi tourists" who travelled from other parts of Saxony to cause trouble wherever asylum centres were set up.
We are delighted to join hands with Union Insurance Company in launching MaxMedical in UAE, especially since their innovative and customer-focused approach complements the nature and philosophy of the MaxMedical range of products," says Andreas Opitz, Chairman of BDAE Expat Consultancy.
Ummu Yuksel's paper discusses two poems written by Martin Opitz in praise of Daniel Heinsius, which allows us to see how the figure of Heinsius can serve as both a representative of Latin learning and a symbol of Dutch literary and political nationalism.
Of the 12 research articles that qualified for this review, one third (n = 4) of them used a single-case research method, multiple baseline across either tasks or participants to evaluate behavior change (Charlop-Christy & Daneshvar, 2003; Chin & Bernard Opitz, 2000; Feng, Lo, Tsai, & Cartledge, 2008; LeBlanc et al.
The clinical description of a dysmorphic syndrome by Smith, Lemli and Opitz in 1964 [1] was linked with abnormal sterol biosynthesis 30 years later.