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Etymology: L, opinari, to suppose
1 (in law) a statement by the court, usually in writing, of the reasoning behind its decision or judgment in a particular case.
2 a statement prepared for a client by an attorney that represents the attorney's understanding of the law as it pertains to a legal question posed by the client.


A term of art used in clinical studies for judgement and/or the advice provided by an independent ethics committee to sponsors and regulatory bodies


n in the law of evidence, an inference or conclusion drawn by a witness from information known to him or her or assumed.

Patient discussion about opinion

Q. Looking for anyone that would like to share information or opinions regarding Fibromyalgia? Do you believe in Fibromyalgia? What are the symptoms? Any good treatments?

A. i have a close friend that suffers from that illness. i have to say that when you look at it from the side it's hard to understand the pain and suffer that involved in this. at first i couldn't see it from her point of view,and i ashamed to say i didn't believe her...
but it took me a while to see that this is a true pain and frustrating it is. it's important to take in mind that poeple that does not suffer from Fybromyalgia have hard times understanding it.

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29) He opinioned that interlocutory proceedings before the Benelux Court are a step in the proceedings before a national court; the answer given by the Benelux Court is binding on the referring national court; therefore, the Benelux Court is obligated to refer to the Court of Justice when the question presented depends on interpretation of Community law.
The researchers also opinioned that a strong anti-religious sentiment was largely absent from the sample.
Alexander Pope opinioned, `Women's at best a contradiction still.
Henry Holt, the publisher, for instance, was "an extraordinarily opinioned fellow, and most of his opinions .
In the December 26 issue of BUSINESS WEEK, he predicted that the strong growth of the technology sector will "go on for a long time" and in the January 6 edition of the WALL STREET JOURNAL he opinioned that "Technology has a better chance of keeping ahead of the bear than any other sector of the market.
He also opinioned the medium term proposals include an insurance export risk policy may also be announced for this sector.
They also observed that NS1 Ag-captured ELISA gave a significantly higher detection rate in acute primary dengue than a secondary dengue; they also opinioned that the sensitivity rate of IgM assay for early diagnosis of dengue were poor in the first 3 days of illness.
95 % opinioned that crime against women will increase in future & there will be no girls to marry (77.
He opinioned that Pakistanis demand for a plebiscite was impractical while India's offer for making LOC a permanent border was unacceptable.