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A term of art used in clinical studies for judgement and/or the advice provided by an independent ethics committee to sponsors and regulatory bodies
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Patient discussion about opinion

Q. Looking for anyone that would like to share information or opinions regarding Fibromyalgia? Do you believe in Fibromyalgia? What are the symptoms? Any good treatments?

A. i have a close friend that suffers from that illness. i have to say that when you look at it from the side it's hard to understand the pain and suffer that involved in this. at first i couldn't see it from her point of view,and i ashamed to say i didn't believe her...
but it took me a while to see that this is a true pain and frustrating it is. it's important to take in mind that poeple that does not suffer from Fybromyalgia have hard times understanding it.

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Rather than asking probing and thoughtful questions they engage in situations and highly opinioned views.
Rhetorical overkill is usually just pompous, but sometimes it is so bad you want to (non-violently, of course) whack the offender: A commenter on television who constantly uses "opinioned" for "said." A politician who tells us that one of his ideas is so profound it has "multiple truth values." A chef on the Food Channel who "plates" food.
In response to how they assess the country's situation, 41 percent reported 'very bad' while 33 percent opinioned that there was 'no difference'.
Short number of respondent opinioned that improper health facilities, lack of co-curricular activities and outmoded teaching methods caused the sub standard education.
IT appears that our seemingly toothless tiger English Heritage is to survey historic areas of Huddersfield and Holmfirth as 'part of a national study to protect the region's heritage.' Just a little bit late in the day I would have opinioned so far as our town is concerned.
From here, Marshall opinioned that organization should be an independent factor of production and be considered as the fourth factor.
Many experts also opinioned that the medicines prices are unlikely to shoot up, because 95% of the drugs sold in India are older molecules (off patented).
It is opinioned that the humor generated by PCK's abundance use of "Singlish" seemed to have projected the image of speaking "Singlish" as "cool" for Singaporeans.
The point that diminishes or limits Hume's contribution is his admonition that one cannot, logically, jump from an empirical or factual premise to a value, opinioned conclusion.
Charles Askins even opinioned it was best .45 Auto ever offered.