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A person who influences the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions of other doctors who respect his or her opinion
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Dii's work in opinion leadership, studies of fundamental issues and development of specific country strategies during this time has actively helped to push the expansion of renewables in the MENA region.
Sam Daher, to its Key Opinion Leadership Group of world-class clinicians who present scientific and clinical evidence supporting OrthoAccel's groundbreaking medical device, AcceleDent[sup.
The brand's opinion leadership in design and architecture has developed it to become the worlds largest aluminium composite panel brand with presence in more than 80 countries and global production capacity of 20 million sqm per annum.
They no longer wait for opinion leadership from the trade associations, regulatory bodies and industry leaders.
Opinion leadership is defined as "the degree to which an individual is able to influence other individual's attitudes or overt behavior informally in a desired way with relative frequency" (Rogers, 1995).
A third area of research has to do with opinion leadership, the degree to which an individual is able to informally influence other individuals' attitudes or overt behavior in a desired way with relative frequency.
Some diffusion researchers have long maintained that a particular set of factors, such as innovation attributes and opinion leadership variables, were the best predictors of diffusion rates.
For certain categories, such as media and entertainment, their opinion leadership is dramatically higher -- up to four times as likely.
He describes the politics of divided government, the ongoing relationship between presidents and the press, the trend to "go public," the role of opinion leadership in foreign affairs, the declining effectiveness of public addresses and the potential for pathology in the form of mistaking bad news for bias and even pandering.
Criteria used to establish "worthiness" often include current sales volume, growth potential, financial stability, management ability, ease to serve, opinion leadership, and needs that match company strengths, among others.
Opinion leadership by chief executives like American presidents is especially critical in representative democracies.
With the potential for a considerable investment amount, it was important that someone step up and provide the corporate and dental communities with an unbiased selection process, led by technology key opinion leadership, with the sole focus of providing true guidance.

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