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A person who influences the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions of other doctors who respect his or her opinion
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One central weakness of the opinion leadership concept has always been its somewhat blurry definition.
This might imply that the younger generation has more access to mass media outlets such as social media or online news sources, which enables higher levels of opinion leadership compared to previous generations.
The second survey, an Opinion Leadership Scale (Wright, Ryan, Dodge, Last, & Law, 2004), was used to question the technology coordinator as to whom he or she identified as the opinion leader.
Valente, 2011, "Opinion Leadership and Social Contagion in New Product Diffusion." Marketing Science 30 (2): 195-212.
The early majority interacts frequently with peers, but members of the early majority seldom hold positions of opinion leadership in a system.
Goldsmith and Witt (2003) identified opinion leadership as one of the dimensions of lead users.
The psychographic variables included here are health consciousness, environmental consciousness, community involvement, trust, opinion leadership, innovativeness, price consciousness, product consciousness, brand consciousness, fashion consciousness, and gender conservatism.
"Opinion leadership is the degree to which an individual is able to influence other individual's attitudes or overt behavior informally...This informal leadership is not a function of the individual's formal position...Opinion leadership is earned and maintained by the individual's technical competence, social accessibility, and conformity to the system's norms." (1)

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