Opinion Leader

A person who influences the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions of other doctors who respect his or her opinion
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Water subject matter areas and methods of learning are largely under-identified for the opinion leader population.
In the offline world, WOM is spread through consumers who know each other, that is, "whom he knows" for an opinion leader (Katz, 1957).
German scholar Klaus Merten (1988) also assumed that mass media personalities may serve as a certain type of opinion leader.
He is an opinion leader who is highly known for his social, religious, and ideological interests.
Typically, the opinion leader learns about an innovation through mass advertising and then passes along the message via word of mouth to his/her friends.
Views of nursing and nursing leadership among these opinion leaders were examined in this study.
jp), Japan's premier international PR consultancy, today announced the Japanese results of a new 18 nation study of opinion leaders.
This "social capital" identifies a good opinion leader more than any specific personality trait.
We will then go on to make different hypotheses on opinion leader attitudes to advertising media.
It has hosted various cultural events, bringing together opinion leaders living here to share their cultural experiences in Korea.
On Jordan's nuclear program for peaceful uses, 6 percent of the national opinion sample and 17 percent of the opinion leaders sample said they read about this program, while 54 percent of the national opinion sample said they did read about it.

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