Opinion Leader

A person who influences the diagnostic and therapeutic decisions of other doctors who respect his or her opinion
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Engaging Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) - Identifying and Leveraging New KOL Groups to Drive Medical Marketing Strategy
Regarding economic and services pressure the refugees place on Jordan, 88 percent of the national sample and 86 percent of the opinion leader sample said the presence of Syrian refugees in Jordan increases economic pressure on the Jordanian government.
Typically, the opinion leader learns about an innovation through mass advertising and then passes along the message via word of mouth to his/her friends.
Views of nursing and nursing leadership among these opinion leaders were examined in this study.
jp), Japan's premier international PR consultancy, today announced the Japanese results of a new 18 nation study of opinion leaders.
This "social capital" identifies a good opinion leader more than any specific personality trait.
The study, conducted in concert with the Wirthlin Group, polled opinion leaders from the worlds of business, government, labor, media, academia and non-governmental organizations.
In another example, a foreign venture capitalist approached a physician executive opinion leader on the feasibility of a biotechnology firm producing hepatitis vaccine in an overseas country where the disease was endemic.
jp), the world's largest independent public relations firm, today announced the results of a new international study of opinion leaders that shows increased Japanese trust of business in general and for US companies in particular.
However, opinion leaders are good candidates for swaying the majority toward a new idea.
The person we listen to, or seek reaction from, is a peer opinion leader.

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