Operation Restore Trust

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Op·er·a·tion Re·store Trust

(ORT) (op-ĕr-ā'shŭn rĕ-stōr' trŭst)
A U.S. federal pilot program designed to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
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For example, a CPA well versed in Operation Restore Trust can be used to train all staff involved in maintaining the books and paying bills.
In sum, confronted by stepped-up Operation Restore Trust investigations and prosecutions, nursing homes have a twofold responsibility: to create a written compliance program and to make sure it is effective.
In addition, participants will hear directly from experts within the health care industry on Operation Restore Trust (ORT), statutes and standards, the HCFA computer system that targets over-utilization, health care laws and regulations, and business opportunities available in assurance services and compliance plan enforcement.
Nursing home payments have not been targeted as a major focus of the Operation Restore Trust investigation, but the allegations of fraud are likely to affect the nursing home industry.
With the Texas sale, VIPS has increased its share of the Medicare fraud and abuse/decision support market to 11 client installations, three of which are for Operation Restore Trust (ORT) contractors.
As an Operation Restore Trust pilot contractor with millions of beneficiaries and operations in multiple states, we selected STARS to enhance our fraud detection activities, because it gives our inspectors the power and flexibility to conduct detailed inquiries from the desktop, free from the bottlenecks created by systems requiring support from programming staff," said Leah Ann Embry, director of program compliance for Medicare Part A and Part B, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas.
The National Hospice Organization (NHO) offers continued support of the Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) efforts under Operation Restore Trust (ORT) to ferret out fraud and abuse in the Medicare system.

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