Operation Restore Trust

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Op·er·a·tion Re·store Trust

(ORT) (op-ĕr-ā'shŭn rĕ-stōr' trŭst)
A U.S. federal pilot program designed to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
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Operation Restore Trust has also helped to identify and correct the vulnerabilities in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.
The type of documents and records requested are similar to those provided in a previous industry wide OIG investigation titled Operation Restore Trust.
Known as Operation Restore Trust, the investigation achieved its first major breakthrough only a few weeks after President Clinton announced his proposal to limit Medicaid spending.
Both investigations arose out of Operation Restore Trust, a project conducted by multi-government agencies that targeted numerous health care providers in a number of states.
Plans call for Operation Restore Trust to serve as a model for a national program to encourage providers to voluntarily report false claims before the government begins an investigation.

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