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64 per cent to close at 86k per share against the opening price of 69k.
The return is measured by comparing the price change between the opening price and the noon price (a simple arithmetic return).
Following this IPO, there was an October IPO that had an opening price more than twice its offering price.
You don't want to turn everything into an opening price point because you can't create value at the step-up level.
Graham Sharpe, William Hill spokesman, said: "Four contenders have begun to pull clear of the rest of the field "All of them have been the subject of three-figure bets but the heaviest backing so far has been for the Archbishop of Wales, whose odds have shortened from an opening price of 5/1.
Each year, opening prices are generally weak during this period because of the large number of IPOs.
Attractive opening prices are frequently offered by Wal-Mart's Great Value brand.
The opening price point is basically a commodity," said Gabbay, adding that other types of flatware may also be pulling attention away.
The rest of the precious metals went up along with the gold and silver, maintaining a stable level, as the platinum closed at USD 1,172 per ounce with a rise of USD 32 compared to the opening price, while the Palladium went up by three dollars compared to the opening price to reach USD 793.
The average opening price premium relative to the offering prices was 36.
Whether the product category is men's shavers, hair dryers or dental care, all agreed that one of the most important elements of an effective merchandise mix is covering the opening price point.
Partners can now extend DivX into their complete product line by offering DivX Certified in opening price point products and DivX Ultra in their mid-range and premium offerings.