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o·pen sys·tem

a system in which there is a continual exchange of material, energy, and information with the environment.
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In addition to forecasting marked improvement for Sun in terabytes of worldwide UNIX disk storage shipped, IDC forecasted marked improvement in the worldwide open systems category for both disk storage systems revenue and terabytes shipped.
The most visible product of the open systems movement is probably Linux, a free operating system that some devotees tout as a credible alternative to Windows.
LynxOS will allow ICI to provide an open system solution to military digital communications.
Open systems typically run on heterogeneous hardware and software platforms.
Open systems break the chains that have bound companies to a particular technology vendor and its limited product list.
In addition, open systems naturally strive toward equilibrium.
Padgett said his formula for success is customer awareness, strong integration skills, open systems, financial resources for research and development, and more partnerships.
Under open systems, software is portable, capable of moving from one type of machine to another, and scalable, capable of moving across different sizes of computers.
PHOTO : Insight offers beverage industry software for use with IBM RISC 6000 open systems computers.
The project provided the exchange with a clear understanding of the technical requirements and business impact of migrating from an IBM mainframe to open systems environment.
Other "game changers" discussed included open systems architecture and alternative fuels.

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