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o·pen sys·tem

a system in which there is a continual exchange of material, energy, and information with the environment.

open system

a system that interacts with its environment.

open system,

n a characteristic of energy fields that allows constant interchange.
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Identify and analyze capabilities and strategies that could most effectively be pursued by open systems design solutions
Solutions that leverage relatively inexpensive open systems disk redefine the cost characteristics of permanently storing large volumes of fixed content online.
Open System & FICON LPARs in the Same Chassis for Greater Cost Consolidation
The Open Systems Joint Task Force (OSJTF) is my lead for MOSA and has developed the Program Assessment and Rating Tool (PART) for your use in conducting your internal MOSA implementation assessments.
This suggests that a consolidation of the countless vendors will accelerate and that true Open Systems will continue to be a dream versus a reality for some time.
Ninety-five executive respondents provided information on the integration of retail and wholesale payment systems, and 100 provided information on the use of open systems platforms.
Coulter's take on BMC's decision is that it lacked long-term open systems storage experience, and counted too heavily on leveraging their PATROL storage management knowledge into storage management products such as PSM.
With a history in mainframe channel connectivity products, Luminex's Virtual/BLUE product family bridges the gap between the mainframe enterprise and open systems world, thereby transforming the economics of mainframe storage.
According to Marc Farley, author of Building Storage Networks, data warehousing has been "the main impetus behind the desire to transfer data between mainframes and open systems servers.
This pretty much shuts the door on initiating an ESCON/SAN data transfer from an open systems server, storage or data mover.
Diligent's VTF Mainframe solution allows mainframe environments to seamlessly implement a disk-based backup and recovery solution on all industry-leading open systems disk solutions at an attractive price point.
Historically, mainframes and open systems computing environments have been islands of information with relatively slow links between them using file transfer technology over SNA (Systems Network Architecture) and IP data networks.

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