open reading frame

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o·pen read·ing frame

a gene presumed to code for a protein but for which no gene product has been identified; also known as unidentified reading frame.

open reading frame

In RNA, a sequence of base pair triplets (codons) with no introns, which is translatable into a protein.

open reading frame (ORF)

a sequence of NUCLEOTIDE bases between an INITIATION CODON and a TERMINATION CODON, with the potential to be translated into a POLYPEPTIDE. Not all ORFs, especially the short ones, correspond to genes.
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Five major and 3 minor open reading frames (ORFs) were identified that had a genome organization similar to that of other rhabdoviruses (Figure, panel A).
TBF1 protein accumulation is under a tight translational regulatory mechanism involving upstream Open Reading Frames (uORFs) located in the 5'Untranslated Region of the TBF1 mRNA.
Nucleotide sequencing combined with a search of the GenBank database revealed five clones generated by 5'RACE-PCR ([approximately equal to] 500) (Figure 1), as having no the initiator element in their open reading frames.
The researchers found that it has 86 open reading frames.
Vidal, Braun, Hill and their colleagues systematically ran these open reading frames through a high quality protein-interaction screening process, based on a test known as the yeast two-hybrid screen.
3 kb in length and contains 5' untranslated region (UTR), three open reading frames (ORF 1, 2 and 3) encoding a non-structural protein, a capsid protein and a non structural phosphoprotein, respectively and 3' UTR.
As in the cases with CPV, CNPV, and HGPV, genetic analysis of F1PV revealed an absence of 3 corresponding FPV open reading frames (ORF199, 200, and 202) and an absence of any reticuloendotheliosis virus (REV) sequences in this region.
Both are full length proviruses, but HERV-K113 is a complete virus that has open reading frames and can fully express all its genes.
The programs available on this page include PCR Oligo Calculator, which lets researchers design batch polymerase chain reaction primers for amplifying the open reading frames for a given set of genes, and Batch Gene Retriever, which allows downloads of full-length sequence information from National Center for Biotechnology Information databases in batch mode.
To develop the SARS siARRAY Gene Set, Dharmacon researchers used the Toronto SARS sequence, identifying 25 regions within the viral genome which carry the genetic information for key viral proteins that will be individually targeted with siRNA duplexes, including the 14 predicted open reading frames or ORFs.
HLA-restricted CD8 responses were generated against all 32 open reading frames encoded by the multi-plasmid genetic vaccine demonstrating that a broad repertoire of human relevant CD8 responses are provoked by this vaccine.
Each splice variant is then further annotated with information about homologues, SAGE-based expression profiles, open reading frames, sequence translation and detailed domain summaries.