Adam, Polish physician, 1897-1963. See: Opalski cell.
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We look forward to being able to serve and beautify homes throughout Arlington Heights," said Voytek Opalski, General Manager of Opal Enterprises (www.
We are confident that under state oversight, the cleanup at Astoria Marine can be efficient and protective, said Dan Opalski, EPA Region 10 Superfund Director in Seattle.
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We look forward to getting the Black Butte Mine site cleaned up in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and affected stakeholders," said Dan Opalski, EPA Region 10 superfund director.
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For most scholars and educators in the field, knowledge of difference is not enough; "justice demands the public recognition and accommodation of diversity" (Kymlicka and Opalski 2001, 1).
based Spherion had worked with IBM on previous outsourcing projects and was familiar with the company's level of expectations, says Anthony Opalski, vice president of IBM Account Operations at Spherion Outsourcing Group.
REMEC focuses on growing new business and technologies, and meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers," said Jon Opalski, President and COO of REMEC.
Jon Opalski, formerly executive vice president, Commercial
The new site takes some of the most exciting parts of a remodeling project, the possibilities and the finished products, and helps customers make decisions for their own project," noted Opalski.