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We have witnessed a reduction in the wound related complications by use of disposable drapes, opsite transparent adhesive film and restricting the operating room human traffic.
The dressing was opened on second postoperative day and done with appropriate size opsite dressing which was a transparent film with acrylic adhesive with moisture vapor permeability and is waterproof.
Finally sealed with opsite dressing after applying Tincture Benzoin-co to enhance the adhesiveness of opsite.
Nangah et al., "Optimization of coronary sinus lead placement targeted to the longest right-to-left delay in patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy: the Optimal Pacing SITE 2 (OPSITE 2) acute study and protocol," Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology, vol.
Povidone iodine 5% was used to clean surgical site and drape and opsite applied.
In our Department, different kinds of TAC were used [5]: Bogota-Bag like (we used a like sterile 3 litre saline bag cut, shaped, and sutured to fascial edges) and Opsite Sandwich technique (we covered the abdomen with a sheet of polyethylene, surrounded by Opsite, abdominal packs, two suction drains, and wall suction).
The innovative wound dressings were Opsite Post-Op Visible[R] (Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management, Hull, UK), AQUACEL Surgical[R], and Mepilex[R] Border (Molnlycke Health Care, Gothenburg, Sweden).
Open reduction was performed under general anesthesia; the area was cleaned, and Opsite (sterile transparent drape) was applied after proper draping proximally and distally.
Smith & Nephew, with the Opsite brand, kept its leading position in wound care in Slovenia in 2015, with retail value share of 24%.
Honey impregnated gauze versus polyurethane film (OpSite) in the treatment of burns-a prospective randomised study.
Other two studies, OPSITE (Optimal Pacing SITE study) and PAVE (Left Ventricular-Based Cardiac Stimulation Post AV Nodal Ablation Evaluation) were mainly addressed to patients with fast atrial fibrillation refractory to pharmacological treatment.