Virtual World

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A computer-based interactive 3D simulation, in which users take the form of avatars visible to others graphically
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The online world is increasingly mobile-centric, particularly in developing markets, which often skip desktops altogether.
PRsonal is going to help people boost their profile by using platforms such as LinkedIn, which will help them transfer their credible reputations to the online world.
Officials at the Phil are creating a concert hall in the virtual online world called Second Life which is accessed through a website.
As this new online world has developed and expanded many new risks have evolved (viruses, worms, etc.
An online world virus map has been introduced by F-Secure Corporation, an Internet security company, to enable users to gain an understanding of the world computer virus situation.
The Happy Meal boxes prominently feature the Neopets Web site, shuttling curious kids into an the online world, creating more visitors and thus more ad dollars for Neopets.
AgriAmerica moved into the online world two years ago by introducing an interactive Web site.
At the Online World 2000 Conference, held September 18-20 at San Diego's Town & Country Resort, there was a persistent buzz among attendees.
Church officials say no request has been made to the Vatican, the world's official sanctifying body for sainthood, to name Isidore the blessed protector of the online world.
The online world mirrors the real world in ever increasing ways.
The online world has its own forms of pollution: vicious arguments (flame wars) and disguised commercial come-ons (spam).