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The use of the Internet, email, or other electronic communications device to harass and threaten another person, who may, as a result of repeated threats and harassment, have a reasonable fear for his or her safety
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SEND a message to an online stalker or someone who won't leave you alone.
KYLIE Minogue revealed yesterday she has spoken to police after being targeted by an online stalker.
SATURDAYS babe Una Healey is being terrorised by an online stalker who has bombarded her with threatening messages.
But on its milestone anniversary, he warns we need a better web to beat scammers, hackers, online stalkers, cybercriminals and fake news peddlers.
A NORTH East police force has set up a special unit to tackle online stalkers.
Recently, ROP has called upon parents via their twitter account to take better control of their children's electronic devices and protect them from online stalkers -- and temptation.
He also advised parents to monitor online activities of young children and said there was a need even for schools to create awareness among the children about the threat of online stalkers.
“Since its release, the proportion of my online stalkers has grown exponentially,” said Ms.
In 2009, Six to Start was commissioned by Channel 4 Education to help teens aged 14 to16 understand the risks of being online--from defending themselves against phishing to avoiding online stalkers. Smokescreen was designed to engage teenagers and give them a useful understanding of all of these issues of life online through an interactive online game with an exciting story.
And personal lives are being wrecked by seam artists, identity thieves and online stalkers.
Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leics, have been hounded by online stalkers for years.

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