One Stop Clinic

A service provided by many NHS Trusts in which patients with a known lesion—e.g., a woman with a breast mass identified by her GP—of an unascertained nature (benign vs. malignant) undergo a multimodality (physical examination, imaging and fine-needle aspiration cytology and biopsy) evaluation during the same visit and in most (average 96%) cases leave the clinic with a definitive diagnosis, already booked for further therapy if needed
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Even if you are not interested in hands on training, but are looking for a starting point, guidance or a way to measure your fitness and training progress our One Stop Clinic and Fitness Testing maybe the solution
Anyone who chooses to donate a kidney to a relative or friend can come to the one stop clinic after their specialist nursing assessment and initial blood tests, meaning they now have just one visit to the hospital instead of three.
Health managers want to see the Gateshead one stop clinic and several like it in the region rolled out across the country.
The One Stop clinic at St George's Hospital Medical School, London, offers a new test to tell you in your lunch hour if you're fertile.

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