One Month to Live

Oncology A unit of time, commonly used by doctors as an educated guess as to the expected life span of a patient who is terminally ill with extensive liver or pancreatic cancer, brain metastases from lung cancer, or advanced AIDS
Psychology A lifestyle philosophy espoused by Kerry and Chris Shook in their motivational book One Month to Live
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Your father's got cancer and has only one month to live.
Sophie and Jason must wait 30 days for Paw Paw's leg to heal, a timeframe that inspires them to behave like cancer patients who've just learned they have one month to live.
But then comes the real crunch when we find out that she suffers from AIDS and has only one month to live.
Byron Sanders is now one of those people, having experienced a defining moment last January when he read the book One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook (WaterBrook Press; $19.
October 2002 - He is given one month to live when a brain tumour 'the size of an orange' is diagnosed.
More than a year ago, Coffin was given one month to live.
Given one month to live without treatment, he opted for radiation.