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German mythologic character. See: Ondine curse.
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a water nymph in German mythology.
Ondine curse - alveolar hyperventilation.
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ONDINE 2 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh Tel: 0131 226 1888 Open: Seven days Wheelchair access: Yes Bill for two (with wine): pounds 100 Food: 5/5 - terrific Service: 5/5 - very friendly and very knowledgable Decor: 5/5 - simply stunning interior Toilets: 5/5 - like a five-star hotel Value: 4/5 - top end prices but worth every penny Total: 24/25
Even if one can't be too surprised by the eventual revelations of who Ondine is and whom she's hiding from, the incongruities remain startling, the plot twists "curiouser and curiouser," as father and daughter like to say.
Periowave is a non-antibiotic photodisinfection system developed by Ondine that utilises a low-intensity diode laser and a wavelength-specific, light-activated photosensitive compound which, when used in conjunction with standard methods of dental care, reduces the symptoms of chronic periodontitis.
Visitors to Centre Square will be able to watch Ondine on Wednesday, June 3 at 7.30pm, La Traviata on Tuesday, June 30 at 7pm and The Barber of Seville on Wednesday July 15, at 7.30pm.
This may lead to possible treatments for disorders such as chronic airway disease, sleep apnoea and Ondine's Curse - a rare condition which causes people who fall asleep to stop breathing and die.
Quite a few of his major ballets, such as Daphnis and Chloe (1951) and Ondine (1958), generally panned in London, were welcomed by the New York critics.
Doctors there discovered she was suffering from sleep-associated hyperventilation, also known as Ondine's curse, a condition in which breathing stops during sleep and Hirschprung's disease, a condition affecting the nerves which supply the lower bowel.
IRISH director Neil Jordan has admitted his last movie Ondine would have performed better at the box office if he had changed the ending to keep it as a fairytale.
THE POLISH premiere of Neil Jordan's Ondine was cancelled in Krakow yesterday because of the national mourning and funeral plans for plane crash victim President Lech Kaczynski.
Card Analysis Solutions, a CU card consultancy run by Ondine Irving, has launched a Web site, dubbed Credit Card Connection, designed to help consumers find consumer-friendly credit union credit cards.
Now it's our production manager, Ondine Kilker, who is losing sleep in order to roll out the new digi-edition for the Jan/Feb 2009 issue.