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German mythologic character. See: Ondine curse.


a water nymph in German mythology.
Ondine curse - alveolar hyperventilation.
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SHEER GRACE: From Northern Ballet's Martha Leebolt as Ondine Photo by Jason Tozer
In an Irish fishing village, fisherman Syraceuse (Colin Farrell), who is struggling to raise his sickly daughter, rescues from the sea a beautiful woman called Ondine (Alicja Bachleda).
Truls Mork and the Scottish Chamber Orchestra play two cello concertos by Haflidi Hallgrimson, once principal cello of the orchestra that entitled Herma being an attractive addition to the repertoire and finally from Ondine we have Bizarre Bazaar, on which virtuoso clarinetist Kari Kriikku plays folk-orientated music from around the world with the astonishing Tapiola Sinfonietta - a fine party record.
A year after their marriage Ondine gave birth to his son.
And his closing description of a scene "on the outer limits of style" (in which Ondine, accused of being a "phony," thr ows a glass of Coca-Cola in the face of an unnamed girl Koch calls a "heavy") encircles the Baudelairean figure that he finds in Warhol the filmmaker: "The girl made the mistake of turning her mortified aggression into words.
it's me down here, Ondine, splashing all those droplets against your casement windowpanes, .
Dame Margot was best known for her roles in Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and Ondine, and costumes from all three will be on offer.
He moves from there to consider Pauline Breedlove of The Bluest Eye and Ondine of Tar Baby, arguing that Morrison explores the same relationship from her othered position and uses it to illustrate the harm domestic work does to African American womanhood.
amp; Ondine, she'd used up all of the stones before I could begin even the first letter of a single
has four times the number of households ondine as Europe, and will have more than twice as many in 2000 if present trends continue.
Ondine is the brand for the premium shower massagers.