Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

The technical convergence of oncologic (ablative) and aesthetic breast surgery, which attempts to adequately remove end-stage breast cancer while retaining or producing a breast shape and appearance that closely approximates a normal breast
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Silverstein, MD, Medical Director of the Hoag Breast Center, Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery at Hoag, and Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles, California.
Updated with recent techniques, this edition has a section on oncoplastic breast surgery, with new chapters on breast conservation techniques in upper and lower pole lesions and subareolar lesions, combined breast conservation techniques with reduction mammoplasty, extreme oncoplastic techniques, total skin sparing mastectomy, skin sparing mastectomy for the pendulous breast, the Goldilocks mastectomy, and alternatives to tissue rearrangement.
Thus, several recent meta-analysis reported oncoplastic breast surgery successful in achieving a normal-appearing breast and similar oncologic results with mastectomy or other breast conserving techniques.
Silverstein, M.D., Hoag Breast Center Medical Director and the Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery and Nirav Savalia, M.D., Director of Oncoplastic and Aesthetic Breast Surgery at Hoag, were among the faculty selected by the American Society of Breast Surgeons to teach the Annual Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Course at the national meeting held this year in Las Vegas on April 26-30, 2017.
Silverstein, MD, Hoag Breast Center Medical Director and the Gross Family Foundation Endowed Chair in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, et al
Keywords: Oncoplastic breast surgery, quadrantectomy (surgery for breast cancer based on tumour location), breast surgery
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Oncoplastic breast surgery has been proven to be safe for tumors high in volume and difficult in location in local recurrence and survival rates comparable to conventional breast-conserving therapy [14, 18].
Oncoplastic breast surgery combines the surgical removal of breast cancer with plastic surgery techniques to achieve the best possible shape and appearance.
A swing back to more liberal indications for mastectomy seems inappropriate and it is timely that a greater understanding and uptake of oncoplastic breast surgery may extend the role of breast conservation to keep up with developments in radiology.