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Informatics adjective Referring to a device connected–eg, to a network or the Internet, or which is ready to send or receive data. Cf Offline.
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Q. I want to know if i am online right now or no? I can see people who are online. How can i know i am online or no? and secondly how to edit and put details

A. You can easily see whether you are online or not in your profile page (just click on the My Stuff tab):

- To change your status go to Account Settings which is under the My Stuff tab:

- To edit your profile go to Edit Profile which is also under the My Stuff tab:

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By integrating customer information gained from both on-line and off-line sources, DataInsight adds power and depth to new economy marketing campaigns.
On-line and off-line thickness gauges will be introduced by MeasureTech, St.
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