Omental Cake

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A term of art referring to a flattened, firm omentum diffusely involved by neoplasia—e.g., carcinoma of the colon, ovary or stomach—or, far less commonly in developed nations, tuberculosis
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Also amalgamated intestinal loops with sheet like omental cake and moderate ascites were observed.
Mizrahi, "Primary peritoneal sarcoidosis causing an omental cake," The American Surgeon, vol.
Right inguinal hernia with small intestine protrusion was found, as well as ascites with peritoneal dissemination and large omental cake. Although bilateral ovaries were grossly normal, biopsy of both ovaries and peritoneal was done in addition to hernia repair.
Omental cake, peritoneal nodules/lymphadenopathy, liver metastasis and pleural effusion were seen in 37,23,10 and 10 subjects respectively.
We describe a case of advanced peritoneal carcinomatosis in the form of omental cake that was missed in the annual follow up by [sup.111]In-pentereotide scan in which planar and SPECT imaging was only performed.
In the same trial; presence of disperse lymph nodes, omental thickening leading to omental cake appearance and presence of fibrotic layer surrounding omental line were detected.16 In the current case, ascites with septation was determined by radiologic examination.
RHK'nin omentum metastazina bagli olarak "omental cake" olusumu gorulen, 72 yasinda bir kadin hasta bildirilmis ve literatur gozden
Anahtar sozcukler: Karsinomatozis: omental cake: renal hucreli karsinom.
The "omental cake" was seen to moderately enhance on contrast-enhanced axial and multiplanar sections.
There are many causes of the omental cake, which not infrequently occurs secondary to intraperitoneal tumor spread.
An abdominal plain film and a repeat CT scan demonstrated diffuse omental cakes with air-fluid levels in the small bowel.