Louis, French surgeon, 1871-1956. See: Ombrédanne operation.
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The first full description of CMCC was presented by Ombredanne in 1949 [7].
Ombredanne, Precis Clinique et Operatoire de Chirurgie Infantile, Paris, France, 5th edition, 1949.
Inferiorly based flaps for lip repair have been described by, Denonvillers (1919), Blasius (1919), and Nelaton and Ombredanne (1919).
In 1913, Ombredanne modified the technique further by recommending an oblique osteotomy with a slow, gradual lengthening.
[2] In most case a transeptal orchidopexy, the Ombredanne technique is performed.
(1) Other early reports were published by Bailey (2) in 1924 and by Morton and Jordan (3) in 1935, and this abnormality was fully described in 1946 by Ombredanne (4) in his textbook of pediatric surgery.