Louis, French surgeon, 1871-1956. See: Ombrédanne operation.
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Next June this year, during the XXXII Colombian Congress of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation to be held in Barranquilla, a new ceremony will take place to present the Award and Order of the Gold Ombredanne to the most outstanding anaesthetist of S.
The replica of the Ombredanne does not weigh the 4 kilograms of the initial device invented by the Parisian surgeon.
Arnobio Vanegas, Secretary General of the Society between 1989-1991 and President between 1993-1995, proposed that the Ombredanne Award be given every two years instead of every four as had been the tradition.
Amazingly productive, researcher, historian of medicine and indefatigable writer, his name is Bernardo Ocampo Trujillo, Ombredanne 1999.
He received a well deserved Ombredanne award in 2001.
Bogota-born Julio Enrique Peha Baquero, an unassuming gentleman like no other, had no rivals when the time came for him to receive the Order of the Gold Ombredanne in 2005.
He was not alien to associative activity, and the Order of the Ombredanne pays tribute to his significant action and contribution.
Born in Cucuta, doctor Carlos Celis Carrillo was presented with the Ombredanne award in 2009.
Inferiorly based flaps for lip repair have been described by, Denonvillers (1919), Blasius (1919), and Nelaton and Ombredanne (1919).
In 1913, Ombredanne modified the technique further by recommending an oblique osteotomy with a slow, gradual lengthening.
2] In most case a transeptal orchidopexy, the Ombredanne technique is performed.
1) Other early reports were published by Bailey (2) in 1924 and by Morton and Jordan (3) in 1935, and this abnormality was fully described in 1946 by Ombredanne (4) in his textbook of pediatric surgery.