Omaha system

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Omaha System

a research-based and comprehensive practice, documentation, and information management framework based on the nursing or problem-solving process, the clinician-client relationship, and concepts of diagnostic reasoning, clinical judgment, and quality improvement. It was designed for members of various disciplines, including nurses, other health care professionals, and students. It consists of three relational, reliable, and valid clinical components useful from the time of client admission until discharge from service. The components are designed for classifying assessment (problem classification scheme), interventions (intervention scheme), and outcomes measurement (problem rating scale for outcomes). See Appendix on the Omaha System.
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O·ma·ha sys·tem

(ō'mă-haw sis'tĕm)
Classification system for managing data involving individual patients, families, and communities. Data are organized under three components: problems, interventions, and outcomes.
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* For Nursing Interventions: The University of Iowa's Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC), The Omaha System, and HHCC;
There is no published evidence that the full Omaha system has been computerized elsewhere.
These nursing directors developed an action plan, selected the Omaha System as the standardized language for multidisciplinary staff, and agreed that the use of an electronic health record (EHR) was essential.
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The Omaha System Intervention Scheme (10) is also used along with a taxonomy that classifies nursing diagnoses according to the following categories (9):
received the first Omaha System Excellence in Education Award during the April 2011 Omaha System International Conference in Eagan, MN.