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Body-building A weight athlete term of art for a bodybuilder who has competed in the Mr. or Ms. Olympia competitions
Sports medicine An athlete who has competed in the Olympic games
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PAST Olympians from Coventry and Warwickshire will descend on Coventry city centre to take part in an event to celebrate the handover from Beijing to London.
Notification of his appointment has been issued and he along with other former Olympians will look after the sports activities of the province.
When contacted, Olympian Rahim Khan confirmed his posting as Deputy Station Manager PIA in Dubai while talking to reporter.
Tributes were paid by former Olympians and his contemporaries for the outstanding contribution of triple Olympian Anwar Ahmed Khan.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh on Monday said a proposal have been given to the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to include Ex- Olympians in the Executive Board giving them the right to vote in the decision making matters for the betterment of the game internationally.