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H.C., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Olmsted syndrome.
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Olmsted believed military leaders are more effective when they're exposed to foreign cultures.
Chris Olmsted is a senior appraiser at Federal Appraisal and Consulting in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.
The parks that Olmsted designed for Rochester are markedly diverse in character.
I'm a competitor,'' said Olmsted, who played for legendary coach John Lee at Walpole High before moving on to Salem College in Virginia, where he played safety for one season under defensive backs coach Rich Rodriguez, the former West Virginia and Michigan coach currently heading up the program at Arizona.
Olmsted, who has been barred indefinitely from campus, was arrested at the scene at 2:41 p.
Olmsted "is to be complimented" for clarifying the norms and doing so quickly, said Phoenix Catholic Jack Rubino, who was confused in September about the reasoning behind changing the distribution under both forms.
From the very beginning, Olmsted had a great love of nature and scenery," says Alan Banks, supervisory park ranger at Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site.
On a trip to England, Olmsted got the chance to "walk the manicured grounds of Chirk Castle" and wondered, "Was it really right for this beautiful place to be set apart for the enjoyment of the privileged few?
Joseph's was approved by the hospital's board of directors, including Sister Margaret McBride, whom Olmsted said had excommunicated herself by approving an abortion.
In 1919, Pennsylvania WILPF had a small office in Philadelphia when Mildred Scott Olmsted became the Branch's executive director.
The point Olmsted wants to make about 'Rhetoric and Contemporary Disciplines' is that modern scholars (particularly practitioners of New Historicism such as Greenblatt, and writers on jurisprudence such as Garver, Allen, and Levi) have shown that rhetoric is a valuable tool for building the trust essential for political co-existence, because it is capable of producing consensus over the right decision in particular cases without presupposing any broader agreement within modern states composed of a plurality of often conflicting groups.
Olmsted replaces former Chief Executive Officer Klaus Dorfi who will remain chairman until he retires at the end of 2007.