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Louis X.E.L., French surgeon, 1830-1900. See: Ollier graft, Ollier disease, Ollier theory, Ollier-Thiersch graft.
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After retiring from the rail industry, Stephen Ollier and his wife invested in their composites engineering company, Pentaxia.
3) The most common type of enchondromatosis is Ollier disease-enchondromas of the long bones sparing the spine and skull-which occurs in 1/100,000 patients.
The post - which was started by Mhairi Ollier, 48, from Larbert, Stirlingshire, in February last year after her husband Steve, 48, found the ring - had been shared more than 40,000 times by then.
First described by Ollier in 1899, this rare condition has been documented only slightly more than 100 times in the 30 years prior to 1998.
Sent in by Rachel Ollier (Shelby's mother) Jack Jones, aged one, Jack Jones, aged one, | |as a spider.
Speakers will include Abdulaziz Al-Swailem, vice-president for scientific research support, Graham Harrison of the National Science Foundation, William Ollier from the University of Manchester, Mohammed Zamakhshary, assistant deputy minister for planning and training at Ministry of Health, and Fahad Al-Hussein, chief executive officer of TAQNIA.
Neil Ollier, Director of Business Development in the Mena region, who spoke about how changes in policy and economics have affected teacher supply, said demand of teachers has increased due to the increasing number of international schools opening.
Amoli MM, Thomson W, Hajeer AH, Calvino MC, Garcia-Porrua C, Ollier WE, et al.
It is important to note that additional genetic syndromes can have repercussions on the female genital tract, including the Li-Fraumeni (ovarian cancer), the Peutz-Jeghers (sex cord-stromal tumors of the ovary, granulosa cell tumors), and the Ollier (granulosa cell tumors) syndromes; unfortunately, screening guidelines for these rare syndromes have not been well studied (JAMA 2006;296:1507-17).
In response to Anne Ollier (Letters, February 25), about your Kevin Spacey interview.
Captain's Tankards: 1 R A Sonley & R Bobela 44 points, 2 C Hamilton & W Beadling 42, 3 G L Ollier & S J Hollins 42.
BOYS (9-10 years): 1 R Armstrong 14:00; 2 E McGlen (Gates) 14:53; 3 M Cleugh (Birt) 14:54; 4 L Linklater 15:12; 5 E Martin (Hali) 15:32; 6 E Salt 15: 34; 7 J Dunsley (Goole) 15:51; 8 F Hutchinson (CoYk) 16:10; 9 E Ollier 16:27; 10 H Roberts (Brid) 16:27.