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a digestive enzyme secreted in the intestine that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose and maltose to produce glucose and fructose.
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su·crose α-d-glu·co·si·dase

(sū'krōs glū'kō-hī'drō-lās),
An enzyme catalyzing the hydrolysis of sucrose and maltose. The enzyme isolated from the intestinal mucosa will also act on isomaltose (that is, it contains a subunit that acts on isomaltose separately). A deficiency of this enzyme results in defective digestion of sucrose and linear α 1,4-glucans
Synonym(s): sucrase
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(so͞o′krās′, -krāz′)
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su·crose al·pha-d-glu·co·hy·dro·lase

(sū'krōs al'fă glū'kō-hī'drō-lās)
An enzyme hydrolyzing sucrose and maltose in a complex with isomaltase; hence, hydrolyzes both sucrose and isomaltose; found in the intestinal mucosa; a deficiency of this enzyme results in defective digestion of sucrose and linear α1,4-glucans.
Synonym(s): sucrase.
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an enzyme that catalyses the hydrolysis of SUCROSE into GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE. Sucrase is contained in the SUCCUS ENTERICUS.
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