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Ole, Danish anatomist, 1588-1654.
wormian bones - small irregular bones found along the sutures of the cranium, particularly related to the parietal bone. Synonym(s): sutural bones
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One of the most well-documented cabinets belonged to the 17th-century Danish physician Ole Worm. Worm's cabinet included crafts, taxidermy, fossils, and a Scythian lamb -- a mythical plant that was believed to sprout sheep as its fruit.
The modern museum was invented in Copenhagen by Ole Worm (1588-1654), with a stuffed crocodile as its chief wonder.
The earliest collector of note in Denmark was Ole Worm (1588-1654).
Shackelford assigns himself the daunting task of defining Paracelsian principles and then assesses their reception, arguing that two influential professors of medicine, Caspar Bartholin and Ole Worm, rejected it.